Bodygolf Fitness

Swing the club with freedom

BodyGolf Fitness is a golf specific, original new concept that identifies weaknesses and inflexibilities in your body that impair your golf swing. It then provides solutions in the form of stretching and strengthening exercises, enabling you to hit the ball further and straighter .
Why do exercises your body does not need? Be time efficient and do a structured exercise program, tailor made for you, that can be done anywhere. Invest in your body, the most important golf equipment you have!
The program is suitable for male or female of all ages and abilities. It has proven results, helping former Ryder Cup player Paul Broadhurst go from 330
th in the World to the World Top 50 within eighteen months of starting the program. As well as hitting longer and more accurately, it will improve overall health and fitness, help avoid injury, extend golf playing life while improving the golf swing, thereby, reducing your handicap